Will it fit my door?

Templok fits all types (wood, fiberglass or steel) of doors of 1 3/4" doors with a standard 2 3/8" back set.

How much does your product cost?

Because we manufacture Templok temporary construction locks ourselves, we are able to offer our product at a low cost of $5.00 plus shipping to everyone.

What is your shipping rate?

$15.00 flat-rate shipping for the first 25 units. Shipping for additional units will be $0.30 per unit. Additional shipping fees may be applied to certain areas (you will be made aware of any variance in estimated shipping costs in advance).

What tools are necessary for installation?

None! One of the many great things about Templok temporary construction locks is that you can install them in all types of doors with no tools. Instructions PDF

Can a Templok construction lock be engraved for advertising purposes?

Yes. Please call us for more information.

How long does a Templok construction lock take to install?

You can install them in as little as 30 seconds with no tools. Instructions PDF

Are they easy to use?

Yes. Templok's locking mechanism is just a simple turn. When the arrow is aligned to the locked position, the device is in the secure position.

How do I know the lock is secure?

The turning mechanism used for locking rotates 360 degrees for easy operation. The locking mechanism is designed to remain firmly in the secure position to minimize disengagement during shipping and to deter casual access where restricted.